Patiently Waiting For Her Lezdom Salvation

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With a floorless barrel of patience awaits this submissive slut her lesbian lover dominatrix. Her hands are tied behind her back and she is dressed to fuck. It must be said her lover looks absolutely stunning in those thigh high leather boots and with her big ass dildo strapped around her waist. The floored slave gets to lick the strapon cock and it gets pushed deep in her throat. When it looks decently polished it goes up the ass, like the filthy slave deserves. And the best thing is we got it all on camera on a series of hot lezdom movies!.

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Horny Lezdom Domina Demands A Thorough Ass Licking

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Lesbian domina Olga doesn’t like silly games; she likes it when the work gets done and she likes it even more when she gets done. Her sub of the day Vanessa entered the room fully naked and Olga felt like letting her feel the power of her lesdom mind. She demanded a full cooperative slave and she got out her big ass dildo to give her slave a very hard ass pounding. Off course the domina couldn’t engage in a strapon adventure with her slave, with a dirty asshole, so Vanessa’s first important task was to give her lezdom mistress a very thorough ass licking job.

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Two Frisky Blondes Star In A Series Of Lezdom Movies

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Nothing beats a blonde and when we’re talking two blondes, one sub and one domina, things get cooking. The gorgeous lesbo dominatrix has made it her personal duty that the lezdom movies we get to see are top notch quality. After she grabs her submissive slut by the hair, it’s time to get a decent cunt dive. Her slave makes sure no place stays dry as she polishes the female known like it was her last day on earth. After that piece of lesbo poetry, the inevitable big ass strapon dick gets laced up.

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Two Lesbian Hunters Share One Prey

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Mistress Katy and dominatrix Tina put on their most sexy outfits tonight. Katy got out her super hot latex body suit and sensual Tina is dressed up in ultra nice red lingerie, which accompanies the red hair of her partner in crime. Tonight is the night they decided to bundle their forces and aim their arrows at the same slave. The prey for their merciless lezdom play is Tonia, who’s pale skin looks even more pale in her white set of lingerie. The strapon cock is dingling in the air and the prey’s first job is to undergo a full cavity search for unwanted onbjects.

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On Your Knees, Slave! Watch Me Masturbate

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Mistress Jessy loves to play little mind games with her slaves. Her sub put on a fancy dress, as she was asked to do, and expected a good hard fuck, which was promised as well. But instead of giving her slave the full banging she wanted, Jessy laid back on the couch in her comfortable latex outfit and commanded the sub to get on her knees. This lezdom bitch wasn’t planning on doing things like the slave wanted. First it was time to give her a decent rub while that submissive bitch got to watch. Only eyes, no hands!

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Redheaded Sadist Lezdom Mistress Loves Punishing

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Redheaded mistress (or we could just say bitch) Katia gets her kicks out of punishment and slave torture. Her subs are always afraid to play games with her, because they realized in an early stage of their relationship that Katia is no cat to handle without gloves. When she feels disrespect she will not hesitate and let all hell break loose upon them. Slaves suffered extreme dildo insertions and maximum hair pulling, to name a few. Katia is known to be one of the most ruthless lezdom mistresses and she won’t give up that title anytime soon.

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This Lesbian Mistress Needs Her Holes Drilled

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Hot blond lesbian bdsm starlet Valery needs an urgent hole filling and she doesn’t want to do it herself. She ordered her favorite slave Nicole by the telephone to come over instantly and to wear her most sexy garments. Valery has a thing for costumes and feels like playing a lezdom nurse tonight. Her sexy white outfit leaves almost no room for imagination and her sub Nicole gets weak in the knees when she sees her mistress in her seducing outfit. She gets afraid, though, when she notices her dom’s gigantic red double trouble dildo.

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flirty blonde cam model

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Karina is a flirty blonde girl who loves her lesbian sex. At the moment though she’s all alone, but soon enough she’ll be on her xxx cam and ready for some action. Now doesn’t she look totally sexy in the pink outfit she’s wearing right now, it’s nice and tight on her and looks fucking hot. But this busty blonde girl doesn’t plan on keeping it on for long, she knows all you hot men at home are wanting to see just how sweet her boobs are. She does a slow strip tease now as she starts to get totally naked just for us.

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Dick Gagging Lezdom Sluts

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Like most lezdom slave mistresses Katiana likes her strapon dick. But Katiana’s cock is a special one. She had it made to her needs in a special material and it’s just a bit bigger than your usual lesbian torturer’s ass toy. She refuses to uses it for the front porch. Real pain is the one from behind, she claims. Her slave bitch Jasperina is about to find out. But not until she swallows most of the black dick first. Her hair gets pulled hard and her mascara starts running when she gags the enormous cock. She almost throws up on her domina, but succeeds in deep throating hald the dick, which granted her immense pleasure. She doesn’t know, but the cock will completely go up her ass in a minute.

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Not Suited For Sensitive Lesbo Bitches

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Lesbian domina Daisy clearly means business in her fancy leather corset. Her tits hang out of her garment and that means she is ready for some action. Her slave is in position and Daisy feels the urge for a lezdom torture session coming up. The dominatrix dungeon is the right place to do so, with its variety of big plastic dildo’s and strapon cocks. Daisy gives in to her urge to nibble the tits of her sub, but that’s about all the affection this bitch is going to get today. After the tit job the slave’s tongue gets pointed downwards and the dildo goes up the backdoor. Good thing the dungeon is soundproofed.

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